• "Introducing USMJ, a Private Islamic School"
    target opening date Sept. 2017*
    "Subject to availability of Funds"
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    "Introducing USMJ, a Private Islamic School"
    target opening date Sept. 2017*
    "Subject to availability of Funds"
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Our inspiring school will have a strong Islamic ethos, appreciation of Canadian culture and our country's core values. With an emphasis on educational excellence, outstanding outcomes and community service, we have every faith that Usman Shakir Mount Joy School will quickly establish itself as Toronto's premier Islamic private school, and that the students we educate will become civic-minded leaders of tomorrow, contributing to the economic prosperity of our country and becoming pillars of their local communities.

Our Vision

“USMJ School is a creative learning institution where we strive to achieve high quality academic growth, develop exemplary moral character and serve local and global communities.”

Our Mission

Service to humanity is service to Allah. Our students will be respectful of all humanity and global environment, and will diligently work towards bringing harmony and understanding among people of all faiths. We believe, together we can make a difference.

Our Goals

Usman Shakir Mount Joy School proudly inspires to educate, mentor, and nurture our young Muslims to work hard and to prepare them to serve humanity, with passion and humility, as they acquire leadership skills to be used in our Canadian and global society. USMJ goals will:

  • Provide a choice for Muslim parents and guardians to send their children to a high quality Islamic school where Ontario Curriculum, Islamic curriculum and the Quran is taught with meaning and scholarly understanding of its application in the modern era.
  • Provide sound moral character for students to inculcate civic responsibilities: to be good citizens and to learn to respect and be respected.
  • Provide exchange opportunities for Inter-faith dialogue to develop harmony and understanding among religions.
  • Opportunities to think clearly and act creatively. Provide forums to identify and promote talent and exceptional qualities of students to their maximum potential.
  • Provide opportunities to deepen the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are necessary to achieve academic and professional excellence in a highly competitive, digital, modern society.
  • Opportunities for intense preparation to excel academically and obtain high scores for securing admissions in prestigious universities in Canada and abroad.
  • Usman Shakir Mount Joy School goals of high academic performance and moral growth will be vigorously supported by a committed professional staff, state of the art technologies, deeply involved parents, and caring community.

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  • Address: 1330 Castlemore Avenue Markham, ON L6E 1A4
  • Phone: 905-209-8200
  • Email: info@daruliman.org